Creditors Adjustment Bureau's unique collection strategy is precisely what sets us apart from the thousands of other collection agencies. Our goals and results have remained consistent through our 50 plus years in business. Yet, our commitment to clients is simple: Provide a cost effective, results driven collection service, Quickly achieve outstanding recovery, Preserve our clients relationships and goodwill and Deliver an exceptional level of customer service and integrity. Anything less is not a total solution to receivables management. The team at Creditors Adjustment Bureau has developed the most comprehensive recovery services available under one roof. We encourage you to see for yourself why not all agencies are created equal.

Ken Freed is principal of both Creditors Adjustment Bureau and the Law Offices of Kenneth J Freed, which was founded in 1992. The Law Offices are an integral part of our collection process, making it possible to utilize timely and effective litigation as one of our proven collection methods. Once all amicable efforts to resolve an account have been exhausted, our experience confirms what common sense tells us: lawsuits are at times necessary to collect money. Both our agency arm and law office arm are fully integrated into our collection process making litigation more efficient and cost effective.


When your company needs to collect overdue accounts, it's critical that you partner with professionals who can give you a genuine advantage in the collection process. The right strategic partner can help you get the job done quickly, efficiently and successfully.


Creditors Adjustment Bureau is a full-service agency handling commercial collections worldwide from demand through litigation since 1954. We are known for our professionalism and integrity, carefully balanced with assertive tactics that enable us to push collections to resolution as quickly and amicably as possible.

For many of our clients, we operate as an actual extension of their in-house credit departments. These long-term relationships firmly establish Creditors Adjustment Bureau as a valuable strategic partner, helping clients substantially increase their collection success.


Creditors Adjustment Bureau's definitive edge in the industry is our rare combination of specialties: we are both a savvy collection agency and a highly respected law firm. From asset investigation to legal action to judgment collection, the team at Creditors Adjustment Bureau has developed the most comprehensive asset recovery services available under one roof. And since our experienced, in-house attorneys deal exclusively with the litigation of past-due receivables, our knowledge of the collections arena is simply second to none. No other agency can offer you more collections expertise.


So why is Creditors Adjustment Bureau different from the thousands of other collection agencies? Our unique strategy for collection is precisely what sets us apart.


Creditors Adjustment Bureau's team members have a level of knowledge and experience that is absolutely unmatched in the collections industry. We offer competitive rates, and our streamlined approach to collection enables us to achieve more cost-effective litigation. Combine that with our proven collection methods, Creditors Adjustment Bureau consistently delivers higher recovery rates and superior results compared to traditional collection agencies.


Creditors Adjustment Bureau is structured specifically to accelerate the collection process for you. Most collection agencies spend the majority of their time trying to communicate with debtors, hoping for a response that will allow them to keep their full commission rather than turning over the account to a law firm and sharing the profits. At Creditors Adjustment Bureau we have experienced attorneys and paralegals as part of our in-house team. That means we can move much more quickly through the process, immediately leveraging the possibility of litigation for faster and more efficient collections.


Creditors Adjustment Bureau features polished professionals who know how to provide meticulous personal service that will give you maximum confidence in the handling of your account from initial demand to final recovery.

Since traditional collection agencies lack Creditors Adjustment Bureau's comprehensive services, they simply cannot compete. We know how to deal tactfully yet assertively with your past-due customers from start to finish. We provide frequent status reports to keep you fully informed of our progress. Plus, Creditors Adjustment Bureau optimizes convenience by offering you complete online access to your accounts and information.

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Robert A. Mitteldorf
Principal and Chief Executive Officer

Bob brings a wealth of experience to Creditors Adjustment Bureau, along with his insightful guidance and leadership. He has been Chief Executive Officer and President of a commercial collection agency since 1974. His diverse credentials include qualifications as a licensed real estate broker, a licensed insurance broker, and a qualified collections manager for the state of California. Today, Bob directs the overall administrative function for Creditors Adjustment Bureau and ensures that the quality, service and professionalism that have fueled Creditors Adjustment Bureau's success continue as the company grows and expands. Bob is also an active volunteer with the United Jewish Federation and the Jewish Home for the Aged, as well as a Research Sponsor of the Concern Foundation. Bob is married, with two children and seven grandchildren.

Brian L. Mitteldorf
Principal and President

Brian earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA and joined a commercial collection agency in 1989 to provide leadership in the marketing arena. He assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer in 1992. Today, Brian oversees the daily operations of Creditors Adjustment Bureau including client communications, marketing and supervising the staff members responsible for collections, finance, accounting and administration. He is a former board member with the California Commercial Collectors Association, currently serves on the board of ORT, and is a qualified collections manager for the state of California. Brian is also an active volunteer with the United Jewish Federation and the Jewish Home for the Aged. Brian is married and has four children.

Kenneth J. Freed, Esq.
Principal and Chief Attorney

Ken obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 1983. He was President of The Honors Society, graduated with the Highest Honors, and was the recipient of the Department of Psychology Chair Person's Award in recognition of his contribution to psychology majors and to the Department in matters of undergraduate affairs. He then attended USC Law School, where he received the American Jurisprudence Award for excellent achievement in the study of Constitutional Law. Ken received his Juris Doctorate degree in 1986. He immediately passed the California State Bar, and was admitted to practice in December of that year. Ken began his legal career with the law firm of Haight, Dickson, Brown & Bonesteel in Santa Monica, California. This firm was one of the largest and most prestigious in Southern California and specialized in insurance defense and large toxic tort litigation matters. He then worked for Dickson, Carlson & Campillo until 1992, when he opened his own practice. He has been specializing in the legal field of commercial collections and mechanic lien law since that date. Ken is married and has three children.